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Hello World

This is a summary of what prompted me to restart this channel and what you my friend can expect from here.

Guilherme CardosoGuilherme Cardoso

Hello everybody / Hello World !!! It is with great joy that after (almost) 2 years I go back to writing and sharing some content. But before we get started for real I would like to clarify a few things:

The first is that a lot of time has passed and the content I had on the previous blog has been lost. Unfortunately I lost and I'm trying to recover, if I can, the old content will stay here too.

The second is that I have been studying and seeing a lot, but a lot of management and leadership content, and my next posts mostly tend to be about it, but I will continue with technical content.

The third is something new - at least for me - I started reading a lot of books and I missed having it concentrated in one place, I also wanted to create a reference base for colleagues who are working or wanting to improve their management. , so I'll start creating 'summaries' so to speak from some books, not to criticize, but to build a knowledge base of what to read for what situation.

Last but not least: I want to give a new twist to the content on this channel, so I will try to make things cleaner. But if I can't, I'm very happy with feedbacks.

For all this I decided to do this "Hello World". If after all this, you want to understand a bit more about who I am, see here or at Linkedin

A tech guy who acts with management and leadership and believes it is possible to build a cool environment where deliveries really happen and people feel good about participating.

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